How Can I Receive Free Upgrade Cards, Xbox 360, PS3, Or Wii Games For Free?
Have you ever wanted to play the most up-to-date video games online with your friends? How about a site that offers free Xbox 360, PS3, Or Wii Games? Maybe you want to upgrade(codes will be emailed) your Runescape or Artix Entertainment accounts? Well, you don't have to pay anymore to receive free gaming gear! All you have do is sign-up for Rewards1 and complete surveys for points. Points than can be traded in for numerous things, even custom prize request!
What Is Rewards1?
Rewards1 is a free site that offers money if you complete offers and you can refferal ppl which you get more points and also theres a FAQ there. If you want to check it out, sign up get points and get what you want it's members to gain awesome free Rewards1 through surveys. They have over 2,000,000 members WORLDWIDE and have paid out over 2,000,000 to their registered members.
How Can This All Be Made Possible?
Survey companies ask Rewards1 to allow their members to try out their offers, in return the survey companies pay Rewards1, than Rewards1 gives our cut of the profits, which are high paying offers from $1.50 and up. This is how Rewards1 stays up and running - Your premier source for freebies!
Nope, Don't Believe You, Your Lying...Are You?/Rewards1 Is No Scam!
Rewards1 is no scam, I have received several prizes from them with zero complications. How else can you have over 2,000,000 members without actually shipping the prize? If you don't want to take my word it than I suggest taking a look at the testimonials below!
TheRiGuy, Manitoba
"I know they're not the best quality pics but thats because I used the webcam on my laptop that I also got from R1
Imo Rewards1 is the best GPT website out there, I love you guys lol thanks for the Cheque!
TheRiGuy "
MeL, Minnesota
"I got my Prizes:
Xbox 360 pro and a 32" HDTV. "
Chez, United States
"This is my most recent prize and my first gift card from Rewards1. I got it because I want to pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops and some other stuff for the fall. They process it quickly for me, and I already redeemed it and bought some stuff."
Earning Points Overview

This section of this guide gives a in-depth assessment of the types of offers Rewards1 has to...well offer. Before continuing I suggest you take a look at 2 of the Rewards1 tutorials from the site. Please watch both of the video below to gain a crucial understanding of how Rewards1 works.

Introductory Video!
How to Complete Offers!
Earning Points Using Rewards1!
Rewards1offers a variety of ways to earn points through their services. These range from offers/surveys, daily surveys(also known as real surveys), referrals, and last but not least contests(they appear time from time).

You may want to view this link after reading the overviews below!

Offers are Rewards1's basic way of allowing you to earn points for free. Offers may require that you complete a task such as but not limited to; email confirmation, requesting your address, going through a offer wall etc. For the first offer that credits for you everyday you get a 20% bonus EVERYDAY!

Daily Surveys
Daily surveys are true surveys that can be completed daily. I have received most of points from completing daily surveys as their surveys usually mostly involve your interests and lifestyle. Completing daily surveys may be tricky but I suggest trying to qualify for a daily survey 10 times a day as once you get in, as completing the rest of the survey will be relatively easy.

Referrals are users who have signed up under your referral link. Your referral link can be found in "Refer a Friend" under the Referrals tab. When your referral completes a offer you receive a 30%-50 of the points your referral has received from that offer(don't worry, no points are removed from your referrals points). For example, Bob refers Tom and Tom completes $10 worth of offers, Bob than receives $3. These rates can vary depending on how many referrals you have active, for example, If Bob has had 50 referrals active(referrals who have completed a offer at least once in a month are considered active), than he would receive a 40% referral bonus the month after which than he would receive 4$ from Tom had Tom completed 10$ worth of offers that month. If Bob has 200 or more active referrals than he would receive a 50% referrals percentage the month after and would receive $5 from Tom had he completed $10 worth of offers. Please view below for a better understanding.

Bob(referral percentage 30% of Feb/0 active referrals)>>>refers Tom who has completed $10 worth of offers>>>Bob has earned $3>>>referral percentage has remained at 30% for next month.

Bob(referral percentage 30% of Mar/50+ active referrals)>>>refers Tom who has completed $10 worth of offers>>>Bob has earned $3>>>referral percentage will become 40% for next month.

Bob(referral percentage 30% of Mar/200+ active referrals)>>>refers Tom who has completed $10 worth of offers>>>Bob has earned $3>>>referral percentage will become 50% for next month.

Contests are usually announced on the forums of Rewards1. Contests may require that a certain task be completed to be eligible for monies, such as but not limited to; having the most active referrals for a month. Past and current contest can be viewed on the main page or can viewed by clicking the "Contests" tab located second to the end of the page bar.